February 2014 Update

Welcome to the February update for 2014, this month we put on 2 concerts for the locals of the Fylde coast, the first on our usual stamping ground of Thornton and the other at Fleetwood, but before I talk about these, lets have some news from the band itself.

As with all active bands change must be made to keep moving forward and at Thornton we are no different, so this month we have had a few changes in the bands line up.

Firstly, Jeremy Davies has moved from Soprano Cornet.

Beth Cummins (previously 4th man down) has now taken over the Soprano seat, Beth was previously Soprano for North Fylde Brass Band, we all wish her the best of brass in her new seat.

Marilyn Marshall, (1st Horn) is taking a break from banding for a while to look after the ever expanding grandchildren count as well as her busy hair dressing career and her new found singing voice. We all wish Mal well and look forward to seeing her in the future, you cant keep a good bandswomen down, especially Marilyn.

Kathy Redman, previously on 2nd Cornet has now moved over the Horn department to take up the 1st horn seat, Kathy, an experienced player should have no problem filling this seat and bringing the section back up to full strength after Marilyn’s departure.

James Barnett moves up the back row from 3rd Cornet to 2nd Cornet, James came into the senior band in the past 18 months and has proved to be an asset to the band, this move proves his ability and confidence is increasing and the confidence the band has in him.

Joy Watson, returning to the band from a short break is now playing 3rd Cornet, filling the empty seat left by James, Joy was previously our Solo Baritone player.

Chloe Cooper took over the Solo Baritone seat from Joy when she went on her sabbatical, Chloe was one of our learners, however so keen was she to play in the senior band she switched from Cornet to 2nd Baritone just to get a seat in the band, this has proved to be a good move for Chloe and the band as we now have a very good up and coming player in the band.

Actually maybe I should have said who is still sat in their old seat, would have been quicker!.

Concerts – Thornton Little Theatre 9th February 2014

The first concert of the new year went well with a reasonable turn out on such a poor night, still the weather didn’t dampen spirits and a lively concert was had by all. The ranks of the band were swelled with assistance from Liz Connor on Principal Cornet, Colin Pinnington ¬†on Front Row, Jen Ormerod on 1st Horn, Danny jones on 2nd Euphonium and Steve Lord on 2nd Trombone. Soloist on the night were Nicola Swann who played An Untold Story by Paul Lovatt-Cooper, David Cummins who played Dublins Fair City by Roy Newsome and Ian Holland who played Song for the Skies, again by Paul Lovatt-Cooper. The full program was: –

  1. National Anthem
  2. Concert March 1941
  3. Pastime with Good Company
  4. Serenade
  5. Let It Shine
  6. Stal Himmel
  7. The Big Mancini
  8. Castell Coch
  9. John Williams in Concert
  10. Dublins Fair City
  11. Song of the Skies
  12. Hymns of Praise
  13. Soli Deo Gloria
  14. Choral and Rock Out
  15. Punchinello

St. Peters Church Fleetwood – 23rd February 2014

This was a first time for the band at St Peters Church, and what a good night we all had, the rain threatened to put off quite a few people but in the end the concert was well attended. The night had a reverential theme to it with plenty of hymn music and arrangements, from Songs of praise through to Crimond. The concert also feature a soloist from each section with no less than six players getting up to display their musical abilities, Paul Cooper on principal Cornet started the Solofest, followed by Nicola Swann on Solo Horn, Tom Christie on Solo Trombone, Natalie Beddows on Flugal, David Cummins on Solo Euphonium and Ian Holland on Solo EEb Bass.

With a good attendance the band is hoping to put on more concerts in St. Peters in the near future, watch out for upcoming concerts on our Events Calendar.

Music Performed at the Concert was: –

  1. Castell Coch
  2. Hymns of Praise
  3. Georgia on my mind – Soloist Paul Cooper
  4. Serenade
  5. Come back to Sorrento – Soloist Natalie Beddows
  6. John Williams in Concert
  7. Wind beneath my wings – Soloist Tom Christie
  8. Choral and rock outInterval
  9. Mephistopheles
  10. Untold Story – Soloist Nicola Swann
  11. Stal Himmel
  12. Dublin’s fair city – Soloist David Cummins
  13. Let it Shine
  14. Song for the skies – Soloist Ian Holland
  15. Soli deo gloria
  16. Lets face the music and danceEncore – Punchinello

Well thats the end of the February update, keep coming back to see more details of how the band is getting on and don’t forget to come to our concerts to see and hear the band in real life.

Right! Bring on March.